Entropy Keycrypt


How it works

Entropy allows you to securely prepare and split a secret into a number of shares such that it can only be reconstructed when a predefined minimum number of those shares are combined. These shares reveal nothing about your secret without the others, and are physically distributed to a group of loved ones or associates for offline storage. In unforeseen events, this group is able to quickly and easily combine their shares in order to reconstruct the original secret, subsequently using it to access secured data.

The minimum number of unique shares required to reconstruct a secret is called the QUORUM.
The QUORUM may be less than the total number of shares, and any combination of unique shares may be presented in any order to reconstruct the secret.
A visualization of the Keycrypt secret sharing process

We generally work using polynomial interpolation over a 256-bit Galois field and a 256-bit AEAD construction.

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