Privacy Policy

Privacy Matters

Your privacy and security are paramount to us. The Entropy Keycrypt app is designed without the ability to access the Internet or any other network, ensuring that your data remains confined to your device. Importantly, we do not, and technically cannot, access, determine, or exfiltrate the contents of your secret, the number of shares created, the required number of shares for reconstruction, the mode of distribution or storage locations. Please note that if you or the recipients lose any of the secret shares, we are unable to assist in reconstructing the secret. Depending on your chosen configuration, loss of shares may render your secret irretrievable. We strongly urge you to exercise due care in managing and storing your shares.


App Permissions

We only request the bare minimum of permissions required to perform our tasks.

Camera — used for scanning shares of a secret.
Gallery (write-only) — used for saving shares of a secret.


When we collect personal information

At Entropy we do not generally collect or require any personal information, the exception to this is when you wish to enquire about our bespoke and customization services. We will require at least your name, work email address and areas of interest to correctly respond to your enquiry. Data is submitted using SSL and we do not share or disclose your enquiry. Enquiry data is stored in the EU in encrypted form, and processed in Australia. We may contact you via the email address you provided for further clarification. Enquiry data is destroyed once our business with you has concluded.


Dealing with us anonymously

Where it is lawful and practicable to do so, you may deal with us anonymously. (e.g. when enquiring about our products and services generally)


Website Cookies and Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics but does not use any other cookies, analytics or any third party fonts, javascript bundles, browser fingerprinting, or any similar technologies to track user traffic patterns.



If you believe that we have breached your privacy rights in any way or wish to discuss any issues about our privacy policy you should contact our office (see "Contacting us" below). We will try to satisfy any questions and correct any errors on our part. If we do not satisfactorily answer your concerns, you have the right to make a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner on telephone number 1300 363 992 or in writing to:

 Office of Privacy Commissioner
 GPO Box 5218
 Sydney NSW 1042


Contacting Us

You may ask any questions about this Policy or the way we manage your personal information or obtain a form requesting access to personal information by emailing us at the address listed under `General Enquiries' on our contact page.