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Protect your essential digital assets with Entropy, ensuring a seamless and secure offline transition to your trusted circle in unforeseen circumstances.

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Entropy Keycrypt running on an iPhone 15 Entropy Keycrypt running on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Introducing Entropy Keycrypt

Think of Entropy as the key to an advanced vault containing your digital treasures, where access is predicated upon the assembly of multiple trusted keys. In unforeseen circumstances, loved ones or associates can collaboratively assemble these keys, granting access to your most essential digital assets — be it personal devices, documents, self-custody wallets, or encrypted backups. While we provide the security architecture, the choice of storage — whether cloud or totally offline — is entirely in your hands. Meticulously designed to prevent singular vulnerabilities, Entropy stands as a testament to sophisticated security, executed with discerning simplicity for your utmost peace of mind.


Easy to Use

Entropy Keycrypt was designed with great care to be easy to use, even for less technical users in times of stress or personal upheaval. Reconstructing a secret is no more difficult than taking pictures with your iPhone or Android.


Mobile First

Entropy Keycrypt adopts a mobile-first approach because we recognize the integral role smartphones play in our daily lives. Additionally, mobile devices are generally more locked down, offering a more controlled environment that can be less susceptible to malware when compared to traditional desktops and laptops.


Quantum Resistant

Entropy Keycrypt makes use of modern, secure and audited 256-bit encryption algorithms. Although sufficiently powerful quantum computers are still a while off, they are not currently believed to break or materially weaken the algorithms implemented within Entropy Keycrypt.


Highly Secure, Totally Offline

Any secret secured by Entropy is suitable for long term robust, offline preservation on inert precious or semi-precious materials. With Entropy your information will be accessible well into the distant future while remaining out of the reach of `hackers', malware and other malicious actors.


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Entropy is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
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