Secure Vault

Further extending the ideals of Entropy Keycrypt, Secure Vault allows you to protect and verify essential information while retaining total control over how the data is stored and processed.

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Introducing Secure Vault

Entropy Secure Vault is an advanced vault for storing your work and digital treasures. Unlike others, our Secure Vault is not simply a wrapper around sodium, gocryptfs, subtlecrypto or a rebadged product that bulk uploads your data to the Internet — Entropy Secure Vault incorporates novel approaches not seen in similar offerings; the full extent of these features will be revealed in due course. For a sneak peek, continue on to `Early Access'.


Easy to Use

Entropy Secure Vault seamlessly integrates with modern operating systems and does not require installation of often problematic kernel mode drivers.


Quantum Resistant

Entropy Vault implements secure, audited classic and post quantum encryption algorithms.


Get Early Access

Secure Vault is available for computers running Windows or macOS.
To gain early access you need to be part of the Entropy family:
Open Keycrypt on your iPhone, tap `Services' from the sidebar and enter SECURE VAULT in the comments field. We will be in touch.