Entropy Keycrypt


Military Grade Encryption

Military Grade Encryption is an often misused term. There isn't a universally recognized definition for Military Grade Encryption. Each government has standards for securing data of varying classification levels. For instance, the commercial National Security Algorithm Suite (CNSA) allows the use of AES-256, which many marketers casually label as `Military Grade'. However, just because a software employs an algorithm from the CNSA doesn't mean it is approved for government or military utilization, nor does it confirm the algorithm's proper implementation or assured security. While the CNSA is public information, the details of high assurance cryptographic algorithms used for the protection of especially sensitive information are classified and not available to the general public. Thus, Military Grade Encryption isn't a reliable measure of a software's caliber, safety, or aptness. Furthermore, when the terms military-grade encryption and patented or patent pending are used together, it is a signal to approach with additional skepticism and vigilance. At Entropy we recognize the meaningless nature of this term, and as such, make no claims of being `military grade'.

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