Entropy Keycrypt


Preparing a Secret

Simply open Entropy and tap "Prepare a Secret", after a short explanation you will be prompted to input your secret and specify share generation options, below is a breakdown of each option.

Secret —
The secret you wish to securely share or take offline, this may also be a a recovery phrase using the standard BIP39 wordlist.

Number of Shares —
The total number of shares you wish to create, and the minimum number required to reconstruct the secret.

Seal this Secret —
A sealed secret is divided into seperate share groups to prevent collusion. If you select this option, specify the total number of key group shares you wish to create, and the minimum number required to reconstruct the secret.

Additional Information —
Enter a hint to help you identify this secret. Do not include any secret or confidential information in the hint. While the hint is not encoded in the output shares, it is printed in plaintext on the output files.

Output Format —
Select 'Images for Sharing' if you would like to save each share of this secret as an image to your gallery or camera roll. These output files are suitable for digital distribution, printing, chemical etching, or engraving. Select 'PDF for printing' if you would prefer all shares of this secret to be encoded into a large multi-page PDF file suitable for printing. When preparing shares for distribution please take note of all the recommendations and warnings shown in app.

License Eligibility —
Entropy is licensed for your personal use. Kindly read and respond honestly to the in-app prompt. If you need professional usage or additional features like preparing extended secrets, generating more shares, sealing secrets, etc., you may arrange these through the 'Services' option in the sidebar.

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