Entropy Keycrypt


Scanning and Recombining Shares

Simply open Entropy and tap "Reconstruct a Secret", after a short explanation your camera will open to begin scanning shares of a secret. Shares can be scanned in any order and the secret will automatically be revealed after a short delay (in case you'd prefer to move your device out of view) once the quorum has been met. Entropy will alert you to mismatched shares and tampered secrets. It is designed to be easy to use, even for less technical users in times of stress or personal upheaval. We do not allow reconstruction from digital copies stored locally on the device, such as those in the photo gallery or elsewhere. This is intentional.

Shares are crafted such that attempting to scan them with standard software, for example your device's built-in camera app usually results in the text "Entropy" being displayed. If you are presented with a QR Code that looks like an Entropy share you should always use the Entropy app's 'Reconstruct' option to scan it instead of your device's built in camera app. Entropy will only process codes that are shares of a Secret and will never redirect you to any webpage, or ever prompt you to enter a password during the reconstruction phase.

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