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Quantum Entropy Emerges from Stealth Mode, Launches Entropy Keycrypt on the App Store

[25/10/23] - Today, Quantum Entropy, a pioneering technology startup, proudly announces its emergence from stealth mode and the official launch of its highly anticipated application, Entropy Keycrypt, now available for download on the App Store.

The launch of Entropy Keycrypt marks a significant milestone for Quantum Entropy. After extensive research, development, and beta testing, Entropy Keycrypt promises to revolutionize multi-generational digital asset transfer and business continuity by offering Entropy Keycrypt which blends technical, societal, and legal protections to facilitate highly secure offline storage of secrets used to access confidential information such as encrypted devices, secured backups, and self-custody wallets. Entropy Keycrypt is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing security architecture and reconstructing a secret is no more difficult than taking a series of photos with your iPhone.

Available exclusively on the App Store, Entropy Keycrypt boasts a user-friendly interface, top-notch security features, and quantum resistance by implementing modern, audited encryption algoritms. Early beta testers have praised the application for its ease of use, high security levels and intuitive design.

Quantum Entropy is confident that Entropy Keycrypt will stand out amongst digital asset protection, succession planning, and secure data transfer solutions, driven by its commitment to innovation, user satisfaction, and paramount focus on customer privacy. The company looks forward to receiving feedback from the broader community and continuously refining the app based on user insights.

About Quantum Entropy:
Quantum Entropy is a tech innovator dedicated to bringing cutting-edge solutions to everyday, uniquely human problems. Conceived in 2013 and formally founded in 2023, the company has been operating in stealth mode, perfecting its first major product offering, Entropy Keycrypt. With a team of experts in cryptography, software, firmware, and hardware development, Quantum Entropy is poised to make significant waves in the security and privacy space.