Entropy Keycrypt


Why Entropy?

Take control of your digital security with Entropy, a revolutionary secret-sharing application designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing security architecture. Unlike combined services, which often create a single point of vulnerability, Entropy ensures that no complete information to access your data exists at any single location. Whether you opt for trusted third-party encryption, archiving, or storage solutions like Tarsnap, Cryptomator, Amazon Glacier, or even archival media stored in a secure vault, the choice and control are yours alone. Rooted in classical views of freedom, this approach honors dignity and autonomy, valuing each individual's ability for self-guidance. Entropy serves as a vital component in a security posture that features both logical and physical separation between your data and its encryption key. This model requires the consensus of a trusted group to access secured information, thereby creating a robust chain of trust that blends technical, social, and legal safeguards. In doing so, Entropy offers unparalleled security and accessibility for a broad spectrum of digital assets.

About the Name

Entropy is a scientific concept that has multiple meanings depending on context.
In cryptography and information theory it refers to the degree of unpredictable randomness present in a system.
More broadly, entropy can refer to the unidirectional flow of time and the universe's tendency towards increased disorder and decay.

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